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Welcome Aum.

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This is the place for plant-based entrepreneurs to elevate their productivity and make a bigger impact in the world. It all starts with a strong digestive system.

We’ve blended plant-based nutrition with Ayurveda, sprinkled in yoga, drizzled on some mysticism and topped it with a dash of word play to tickle your intellect.

We keep it holistic.

What is Namataste?

So glad you asked.

We are a movement towards embodied health consciousness.

We all know we need to eat better and exercise more…but often there is a gap between knowing and doing. Namataste exists to help you bridge that gap. We do this with a happy heart and so much playfulness…because nobody likes boring stuff.

Our main focus is holistic nourishment: mind, body and spirit.

We believe in the ripple effect.

When you embody ojas (the subtle essence of wellness), you show up differently in life and biz. You become more magnetic and soften into your power. You have the energy to show up from a place of overflow and joy.

A healthier you means a healthier business, and a healthier business means bigger impact. We are so excited to witness your contribution to the world.

What folx are saying…

"With Amy’s guidance, I am reprogramming my thoughts to positive affirmations to help strengthen my resolve to remain healthy. The tools she provides have helped me in identifying the toxicities I keep ingesting, and replacing them with smarter, healthier alternatives"

Sharon H.

“Amy has such a lovely way of sharing her knowledge and experience. She defines the word holistic, inside and out. I highly recommend Amy to anyone looking to make a change in their personal health.”

Del H.

“The amount of dedication, organization, passion, knowledge, and advocacy that Amy brings to her clients is unparalleled."

Erin B.

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Explore our yoga courses or book a session (private and group sessions available).

We offer Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative, and Nidra.


Events, workshops and retreats (in-person and virtual).

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Gut-healing, plant-based nutrition coaching for entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, wellness practitioners, yoga teachers, and leaders.


A library of wisdom. We cover topics under the umbrella of holistic wellness; plant-based nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda, sustainability, zero-waste living, environmentalism, and more.


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Heartwarming, mouth-watering, uplifting spirit food.

Our recipes are 100% vegan, mostly gluten-free, wholesome, nourishing, satiating, and extra scrumptious.

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How to Purge Toxic Chemicals From Your Home

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