Plant-Based, Ayurvedic Nutrition Coaching

Transform your health through plant-based nutrition, yoga, and mindset shifts…because shift happens.

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Are you sick of feeling bloated, crampy, and lethargic? Does your skin look as bad (maybe worse) than it did when you were a teen?

Have you blamed your lack of energy on getting older (and not being 19 anymore)?

The struggle is real.

Digestive discomfort, weight gain, skin conditions such as acne or eczema, and sluggishness tell us that something’s wrong, but they’re usually symptoms of a more serious problem. 

It’s hard to show up as your best self and do great things in the world when you feel like crap! Instead of managing symptoms, wouldn’t you rather spend your time living the life of your dreams?

“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for your soul to reside in.”

– B.K.S Iyengar

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In many cases, adopting a plant-based diet will eliminate your symptoms, allowing you to get to the root of the problem and thrive. But first, you’ll need to learn how to eat properly. Good news: it’s not as hard as you think!

Either you understand nutrition, or you need to learn about nutrition. It’s that simple.

Namataste’s group nutrition coaching program uses a habit-based framework alongside mindfulness techniques to help you build and sustain healthy habits that’ll nourish you from the inside out. 

You’ll learn how to:

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Once you’ve learned the basics of plant-based nutrition and have a foundational understanding of your mind-body type (Dosha, in Ayurveda) and how your digestive system works, you’ll be ready to learn about detoxification and nutrition plan building.

“Taking the steps to lead a healthy, balanced life always seemed difficult as I never seemed to know which step to take. It wasn’t until speaking and getting to know Amy that I understood the key to keeping your body right began with mindset. With Amy’s guidance, I am reprogramming my thoughts to positive affirmations to help strengthen my resolve to remain healthy. The tools she provides have helped me in identifying the toxicities I keep ingesting, and replace them with smarter, healthier alternatives. For anyone thinking about remodeling their lifestyle to include working on their body as well as their mind, I encourage you to get to know Amy and join her at Amy Nicole Holistics. It will be the greatest step you take towards a more powerful you!”

Sharon H - Namataste nutrition client
Sharon H.

    Learn about nutrition from someone who’s been there.

    I went from being sick in a hospital bed, overweight and unhappy, to looking and feeling healthier than I’ve ever been (even as a teen!), losing 50 pounds, and gaining the confidence to pursue my dream career. Understanding how your body responds to food, your environment, and even to your thought patterns is the key to living a symptom-free life.

    Namataste Nutrition’s coaching program is different because you learn how to nourish not only your body, but your mind and soul too

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    Topics covered in group nutrition coaching:

    You Are Unique

    There’s no one-size-fits-all diet: you are unique and your health routine will be most effective if it incorporates your individuality, allowing you to shine brightly! You’ll learn how to build sustainable habits related to your unique needs and how to adjust your habits as your dietary needs change during different stages of your life. 

    Knowledge truly is power.

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    Waking up feeling energized, finding that your clothes fit a little looser, and being in a much better mood. Your digestion issues are gone, your skin is clearer, you feel less stressed…and you’re WAY less bloated than you’ve been in years.

    Better yet, imagine experiencing these positive changes while enjoying scrumptious, satisfying, simple foods? Really! After years of trial and error, I’ve learned what it takes to effectively create and sustain a healthy plant-based lifestyle and nutrition habits and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

    “The amount of dedication, organization, passion, knowledge, and advocacy that Amy brings to her clients is unparalleled. The program took me through a variety of steps to help me work through my dietary issues, mindset, emotional and mental habits with eating, the technical and biological components of food, and beyond.”

    Erin B - Namataste nutrition client
    Erin B.
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      The Method is Simple

      Real, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, so our group coaching program is 12 weeks in length. This gives you time to develop and maintain healthy habits and see clear changes in your health and in symptoms of digestive discomfort.

      Don’t stumble through your nutrition journey; let me save you years of frustration and help you avoid the mistakes that I made. I’m committed to your health journey and will be with you every step of the way. I’ll hold you accountable so you won’t fall off the wagon.

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      How It Works

      In addition to 8 video modules that’ll give you the foundation for your new health lifestyle, we’ll have weekly group coaching calls (which are recorded in case you can’t show up live), where we focus on a module. During our weekly accountability check-ins (which are also recorded for you to view later), you can share your wins and challenges, and we’ll work together to make sure you keep thriving. 

      You’ll have homework to solidify what you’re learning (I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d be holding you accountable!). Bring any questions that you have any time; they’ll be answered in a timely fashion, Monday to Saturday. 

      Imagine where you could be 120 days from now…

      Are you ready to dust off your instincts and learn to eat intuitively?
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      What you could achieve if you had a healthy, sexy body that you loved, if you were full of confidence, and if you had a positive mindset? Join a Namataste’s group nutrition program and start the journey to a better version of yourself! 

      “Amy has such a lovely way of sharing her knowledge and experience. She defines the word holistic, inside and out. I highly recommend Amy Colman-James to anyone looking to make a change in their personal health.”

      Del H.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        • You want a deep-dive into nutrition and holistic health practices
        • You are engaging and friendly
        • You want a community of like-minded people
        • You are ready to make BIG changes

        • You want a quick-fix
        • You always see the glass half empty
        • You're unwilling to participate in a group setting
        • You don't want to change lifestyle habits outside of nutrition (mental, emotional... etc.)

        Well… maybe. I can’t promise that I can help you until we’ve officially met. This is why I require a free 20-minute consultation before proceeding with any nutrition programs. I want us both to feel good about working together. 

        Well, I can tell you you’re in the right place if…

        • You’re interested in plant-based living - or maybe you’re already vegetarian - but can’t seem to get the nutrition part just right. 
        • You’re curious by nature and love learning about how our bodies work, as well as new healthy habits to add to your routine. 
        • You already understand how important it is to eat well, but all the conflicting info online is confusing. 
        • Jumping on the latest fad diets and taking medication for symptoms doesn’t align with you and you’re ready to explore your alternative options. 
        • Yoga, vegan food, and eco-friendliness appeal to you, but you have NO idea where to start or how to apply it. 
        • You feel you’d benefit from guidance or mentorship in becoming a healthy plant-based person.
        • You struggle to lose weight, you suffer from breakouts on your skin, and you have a negative self-image. 
        • You want to feel comfortable and confident in your body, and stop obsessing over food and your body image. 
        • You’re ready to make a real, life-long shift into sustainable plant-based living.

        • You’re looking for a quick-fix solution to your top health concerns.
        • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your actions regarding nutrition and your health.
        • You are unwilling to change negative lifestyle habits outside of your nutrition (mindset around food, sleep, exercise, excess alcohol & drug consumption… etc).

        Ready to take the leap in 16-weeks of Nutrition Wisdom?

        *I take a limited number of clients and require a screening call for each applicant. This is so we can feel each other out, and if we’re a good fit we take it from there 🙂