Wisdom Method

Yogic path apprenticeship:
Gut-healing & Ayurvedic nutrition mastery
for plant-based entrepreneurs.

Digestive Health.

16-week Nutrition apprenticeship

Ayurvedic gut-health isn’t just our bread and butter, it’s our JAM. We’ll teach you to master your nutrition, strengthen your digestive fire and heal your relationship with food – permanently.

We help entrepreneurs, coaches, spiritual guides, wellness practitioners, yoga teachers and leaders thrive in their health so they can show up big in their biz… because your business is only as healthy as you are. It’s an extension of you!

I’ve condensed the teaching of many masters, a decade of experience, all of my trials, errors, and playfulness into an easily digestible and highly effective 16-week apprenticeship.

Gut-Brain Axis
Gut-health & yogic path apprenticeship for entrepreneurs
“The body is your temple.
Keep it pure and clean for your soul to reside in.”
– B.K.S Iyengar

“Taking the Nutrition Wisdom course with Amy absolutely changed my life for the better. Growing up, I was always feeling very insecure and uncomfortable in my body in regards to my weight. 

Amy offered me the wisdom I didn’t know I was missing. She provided the vocabulary I needed to begin a real and honest dialogue with that little voice that wanted my body to reach its best potential. It was a conversation I didn’t know I needed to have, until I was kindly faced with it, head on, with Amy cheering me on.”

Rapha W.

Amy made me feel so incredibly supported. If I had any questions or concerns, she not only made my voice feel heard but also addressed them with research-based answers and worked with me to create my own unique action items that challenged me (in a good way!), but also felt true to my own growth and development.

With Amy’s guidance and mentorship, I have the confidence to take the leadership role in my own life.”

Yentle A.

I absolutely got more out of this program than I expected. It’s been weeks since we completed Nutrition Wisdom and the weight that I lost has stayed off, and my acne has not come back (it’s been months now!!) I was able to figure out what foods I am sensitive to and how to listen to my body. It had been so long since I’d had no digestive issues that I had forgotten what it felt like. In hindsight,  I think my body has needed this reset for years, and I’m so grateful that Amy was there with me every step of the way. 10/10 would recommend to anyone that wants to take control of their physical and mental well-being!”

Nadine L.

What we’ll cover.

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom

Digestion is the cornerstone of health. When digestion is weak, we express symptoms. When digestion is strong, we express ojas – the subtle essence of health and well-being.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Have a strong and healthy digestive system (no more pain, bloating, low energy, skin conditions, fewer food intolerances or food cravings).
  • Never question your food choices again. You’ll have the experience to make shifts whenever necessary based on your unique needs.
  • Feel deeply connected to your nutritional intuition. You’ll learn to listen to your body’s needs instead of your cravings or addictions.
  • Have an established habit of weekly meal prep.
  • Have dozens of new, delicious, wholesome vegan recipes (and the skills to modify them to your preference).
  • Have a deep, anchored mindfulness practice that extends far beyond your yoga mat.

Take a sneak peek at our timeline here.

How it works.

The method is simple

Real, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, so NWM is 16 weeks in length. This gives you time to develop and maintain healthy habits and see clear improvements in your health and in symptoms of digestive discomfort.
As entrepreneurs, we are always switched “on”; tending to our clients and our business’s needs. Our goal is to get you running on clean fuel, having an overflow of energy to pour into your passions, and providing the tools to stay nourished and prevent burnout.
There is no one-size-fits-all diet; you are unique and your health routine will be most effective if it incorporates your individuality, allowing you to shine brightly! You will learn how to build sustainable habits related to your unique needs and how to adjust your habits as your dietary needs change during different stages of your life.

Amy in 2009

50 lbs heavier, depressed and angry, chronic digestive issues (didn’t realize it; normalized them), acne, eczema, binge ate until nauseous, despised exercise, deeply self-conscious, felt disconnected and misunderstood.

Amy Colman 2009

Amy in 2021

Healthiest weight for my height, sources happiness from within, ZERO digestive issues, clear and glowing skin, eats intuitively, loves movement and exercise, confident, feels connected to Divine and has a regular meditation practice.

Amy Colman 2021

So much can change in a short time. Most of the shifts I experienced happened in the first years of applying the Nutrition Wisdom Method. The magic is the sustainability of this approach.

Say it with me:
“The older I get, the healthier I become.”

Apprentice [uh-pren-tis]

“One who learns a trade, art, or answers a calling by practical experience under guidance of a skilled practitioner.”

What’s included.

The gift that keeps giving

Aside from the basics (core curriculum of 8 video modules, a vegan recipe guide, customizable weekly menus with instructional videos, weekly community calls, integration tools, resources and daily embodiment practices), you’ll also receive:

  • Student Starter Kit. You’ll receive a hand-curated welcome package with key ingredients, superfoods, supplements and tools to amplify your transformation in NWM.
    • Currently available for clients in Canada, USA, Australia & the UK. We can discuss options if you live outside of these countries.
  • 2 x 1:1 calls; a private space reserved for you to dive deep and refine your nutrition plan.
  • 16 x live kitchen workshops for you to explore new wholesome recipes, learn plant-based kitchen hacks, and sharpen your skills.
  • Daily support and accountability so you stay on track with reaching your health goals – we’d never leave you hanging.
  • Access to The Flow Space – a library of yoga, fitness, meditation and Tantric dance classes.
  • Exclusive workshops with guest experts in related fields.
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: 90-minute kick-off call with a deep dive into your Dosha so you can start healing your dietary habits, improving your digestion, and embodying your natural gifts.
  • And many more goodies sprinkled into the mix

Your investment.

Trust your gut, take the leap

Investing in your health is the best thing you will ever do. Our apprenticeship will compress the time it takes to get your health from where it is now to where you want to be… and maintain these changes long-term.

I trust that you know whether NWM is in resonance for you and if it is, I can’t wait to connect with you. The next steps…

I like to meet with every client before we sign on together so we can check for two things:

  1. You’re in the right place and I can actually help you. I’m not right for everyone, and that’s OK. If I’m not the right person, I’ll happily point you in the right direction.
  2. Compatibility (since we’ll be working closely together).

I will always respect (and encourage) your decision making process and never request money or commitment on the spot.

If you have questions about NWM or the investment, there’s an FAQ section below. If your answer isn’t there, feel free to send us a message.

Client Testimonials
See what others are saying about NWM

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious? Learn How it Works!

What makes NWM different?

We care. A lot.

We set you up for success with support, accountability, community and a variety of tools that empower our clients to explore new and healthy self-lovin’ habits.

We coach you through the ups and the downs, and help your realize just how powerful you are. 

Do I have to be plant-based or vegan to join?

No you don’t, however our whole curriculum and all recipes are plant-based. I do recommend that you remain plant-based and follow our guidance throughout the 4-months together. At the end, if you still feel like eating animal products, that’s your call!

I’ll teach you how to adopt a wholesome, nourishing and satisfying plant-based diet with ease.

NWM is for anybody and everybody who wants to make healthier food choices with a focus on plant-based eating.

*Plant-based doesn’t only mean vegan or vegetarian. It simply means someone who eats a diet of primarily fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes.


How long is Nutrition Wisdom Method?

The whole course is 120-days (or 16-weeks) long.

I know, I know… that feels like forever. Let me share something with you though… A lifetime of poor nutrition habits cannot be undone overnight. In fact, your journey won’t be finished after 16-weeks… it will only be starting.

We don’t believe in quick fixes, and if that’s what you’re looking for than Nutrition Wisdom isn’t for you. If, however, you’re ready to make life-long changes in your diet, lifestyle, and mindset; then you’re in the right place.


What is the time commitment for NWM?

Your time is precious, so the time investment for this apprenticeship is the bare minimum for you to experience transformation.

You can expect to spend 5-8 hours a week on yourself during this 4-month apprenticeship:

  • 3 hours per week for meal preparation
  • 1 hour per week coaching calls
  • Approximately 2 hours per week for learning material
  • 2 hours per week (or more) for embodiment and self-care rituals

This can vary from person to person.

If you have a busy schedule and are concerned about the time committment, book a call so we can discuss how to make this work for you.

I'm skeptical about group programs, will it work for me?

I was also skeptical about group coaching before trying it my first time. Please rest assured I would never offer or teach something that I didn’t truly believe in.

The benefits of group coaching are numerous, however, my top 3 are:

  1. The community. You’ll have access to other people going through similar life shifts as you. When things get tough, you’ll have a community to breathe life into you. When you have a victory, you’ll have a community of others to celebrate with.
  2. The accountability. Yes, I’m here to keep you accountable, however I can only offer so much support for multiple people. With a group, you’ll have round-the-clock access to those who want to see you succeed and are willing to hold you accountable to the changes you commit to!
  3. The discussion. I always love hearing what others’ have to say. The beauty of groups is when everyone has their own experience, and questions to bring to the table. Things you may have never considered before. It brings perspective, and with perspective comes wisdom.


Is this in-person or virtual?

For now, we are 100% virtual, meaning you can join from anywhere in the world! 

In the furture, we’d love to organize some in-person workshops and retreats, however that’s still in the idea phase.

I have food allergies, can I still use your menus?

Oh yeah, baby! This is our specialty – helping you navigate alternatives and substitutions, as well as moving your through a gut-healing protocol in hopes that you can start eating some of your favourite foods again.

Please note: this is not guaranteed. It depends on the gravity of your allergies and other variables, though I will teach you how we do it at the Namasphere.

The investment is scary...

I hear you. Investing in yourself can be scary, especially if you’ve tried in the past and didn’t get the results you expected.

This creates a wound and damages our trust, both in ourselves and in the program.

If you are a full body “YES” to Nutrition Wisdom Method and the investment is the only thing holding you back… please reach out. That’s what these calls are for.

I will never push you to make a decision that is out of alignment, however, I’m here to help! Let’s have a human-to-human discussion and figure out how to make this work.

I never want your health to suffer because of your financial situation.

Who is this for?

Well, I can tell you you’re in the right place if…

  • You’re interested in plant-based living – or maybe you’re already vegetarian – but can’t seem to get the nutrition part just right.
  • You’re curious by nature and love learning about how our bodies work, as well as new healthy habits to add to your routine.
  • You already understand how important it is to eat well, but all the conflicting info online is confusing.
  • Jumping on the latest fad diets and taking medication for symptoms doesn’t align with you and you’re ready to explore your alternative options.
  • Yoga, vegan food, and eco-friendliness appeal to you, but you have NO idea where to start or how to apply it.
  • You feel you’d benefit from guidance or mentorship in becoming a healthy plant-based person.
  • You struggle to lose weight, you suffer from breakouts on your skin, and you have a negative self-image.
  • You want to feel comfortable and confident in your body, and stop obsessing over food and your body image.
  • You’re ready to make a real, life-long shift into sustainable plant-based living.
Who is this not for?
  • You’re looking for a quick-fix solution to your top health concerns.
  • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your actions regarding nutrition and your health.
  • You are unwilling to change negative lifestyle habits outside of your nutrition (mindset around food, sleep, exercise, excess alcohol & drug consumption… etc).
Is your nutrition coaching for me?

Well… maybe. I can’t promise that I can help you until we’ve officially met. This is why I require a free 20-minute consultation before proceeding with any nutrition programs. I want us both to feel good about working together.

Does my insurance cover this?
That depends on your insurance plan, and I am happy to provide you with a receipt. Please check with your insurance provider regarding the amount of coverage you receive.
As a nutritionist registered in Canada, I cannot diagnose any illness or perscribe any medications or weining protocols. However, that may be achieved alongside your medical helth practitioner.

Your health history is private information and remains between us, unless otherwise specified by you.

What's in the Student Starter Kit?

The contents will change from time to time depending on availablity, your location, and the season.

Think of it like a vegan-superfood-goody-bag 🙂

I will always include my preferred digestive enzymes, a probiotic supplement, and some lovely pantry ingredients to amplify your meal preparation.

The value of this Starter Kit adds up to more than $2,000 if you were to source them on your own. Therefore, we’ve included this in the NWM tuition for you so you can sit back, relax and receive.

Do I need the Student Starter Kit?

We’ve been running NWM since 2018 and have noticed a huge difference between the students who use the recommended products, and those who don’t.

Instead of sending you all over the town (or the internet) to source these ingredients yourself, I will curate and ship them directly to you!

We have hand-selected the most safe, clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and effective ingredients possible for you to use that will support your digestion, mental health, immune system and hormones.

You’ll receive a 4-month supply to carry you through NWM and beyond.

If you have concerns, please let me know so we can discuss.

Do I need to take lots of supplements?

Our focus is always food first. 

Secondly, superfoods (which are nutrient-packed foods).

Finally, supplementation (if needed).

That being said, we cover all of this in NWM.

Additionally, we will send you a Student Starter Kit with our top recommended superfoods and supplements. This will get you started and last you the full 4-months (if not longer).

“Nutrition Wisdom was an INCREDIBLE program. The amount of dedication, organization, passion, knowledge, and advocacy that Amy brings to her clients is unparalleled. The program took me through a variety of steps to help me work through my dietary issues, mindset, emotional and mental habits with eating, the technical and biological components of food, and beyond.

I cannot say enough good things about the program, and there is no one better than Amy to teach it.”

Erin B.

“With all the important information, the weekly home play, and Amy’s involvement in the process, it allows for a gradual change into a healthier life. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who is ready to take the step of becoming a more awakened and lighter version of themselves!”

Kelly A.

“Not only my eating habits have changed in the last year following your Nutrition Wisdom Method – my self worth, my self loving, my self confidence, my ability to assert myself when it comes to what is important to me for me, my yoga practice and meditation. You have helped me become a better version of me.

I came into this program to learn better health habits to be able to live a “long and healthy life” and I have learned that and so much more!!”

Cindy B.

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