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Companies that are cruelty-free and ethically responsible.
Products that we love and use every day.
They are safe and effective.
Ingredients and products that work. Period.

Sharing Nature’s wisdom & artistic-perfection through Taste, Alchemy Taste offers ethically-sourced, high quality vegan ingredients for the Alchemist in you.

There, you’ll find superfoods, Hawaiian salts, inspired spices, culinary herbs, pantry essentials and more.

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Arbonne is a Swiss-formulated company that makes incredibly clean, high-quality vegan and cruelty free household essentials.

Their ingredient policy is unparalled as they ban more than 2000 potentially harmful ingredients which are still allowed and widely used in North America. They go above and beyond expectation… and if you’re not convinced, they have a 45 day return policy.

I trust this company and will happily advocate for them. If you have questions about their products, please let me know.

Become a Preferred Client and save 20-40% on every purchase.
Independent Consultants get mega discounts and can earn commissions by sharing Arbonne with loved ones.

Juice Plus is by far the most important ritual in my nutrition protocol. This is not a supplement, as that would mean it supplements something that’s missing.

Instead, JP+ is made of purely whole foods. They’ve removed the water, sugar, salt and fibre, thereby extracting live enzymes, vitamions minerals and antioxidants.

We highly recommend the combination of The Fruit, Vegetable & Berry Blends + Omega Blend (vegan). They ship 4-months at a time and offer payment plans.

Sustainable periods are super in. Let’s face it ladies, the days of pads and tampons done, and not everyone loves using menstrual cups (they can cause some suction and pain when they’re incorrectly placed). So, what’s a gal to do?

Free bleed.

Honestly, the most liberating thing, and I wish this for every womxn.

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Some of the links below are affilate links which means that when you purchase from these companies, I may receieve a commission at no extra cost to you.

Alchemy Taste

We love their….

Smoked Hawaiian Salt, Maca Root Powder, Supreme Greens, Maple Hemp Hearts, Asafoetida Powder, Smoked Cayenne… and everything else in their shop.


We love their….

The clean, highly effective and nourishing skincare line. It’s the only skincare products we use in the Namasphere. Contact us if you need help selecting for your skin type.


We love their….

We love their Yoga Collection and some lovely blends they create, like: Easy Air, Balance, Serenity, Patchouli, Adaptiv, Deep Blue, Lavendar, and a classic… Lemon.

Juice Plus

We love their….

For any age, I recommend the combination of Fruit, Vegetable & Berry Capsules + Omega Blend. They also have chewable vegan gummies for those who struggle to swallow capsules.

Four Sigmatic

We love their….

Sweet vanilla vegan protein powder is by far the best out there. High quality, simple ingredients and excellent flavour… plus they contain functional mushrooms which support your immune system, hormones, and brain function!

You can also purchse thir mushroom blends (Think, Defend, and/or Balance) which can be easily mixed into your favourite food or beverages.


We love their….

Depending on your preferred style, you’ll find some great quality period undies to last many moons.

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