Adaptive Yoga
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Adaptive yoga for your body, mind, spirit, and life

If you listen to your body, it’ll reveal what you need to live your best life. 

Listening doesn’t come naturally to most of us; it’s a skill you have to (re)learn. Yoga will teach you how to listen to your internal rhythms and make decisions that’ll nourish your body and mind.

You are unique, from the way your body is built, to the habits and injuries that affect your physical ability. With yoga, and particularly with adaptive yoga, you’ll get intimate with yourself and learn what your body needs, not only physically, but nutritionally. 

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Adaptive yoga with Amy Nicole - namataste nutrition
Adaptive yoga poses with Amy Nicole - namataste nutrition

My journey with yoga

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I discovered the healing properties of yoga in 2010 after I was in a car accident. Though I started practicing yoga for the sake of my physical health, yoga taught me how to listen to my body and nourish it with what it needs, not what I crave. I learned that my low energy levels, bloating, and skin irritations weren’t things that I had to accept; they were signs of ill health. 

When you add yoga to your nutrition program, magic happens: not only does your health improve, your mind becomes more in tune with your body, which can transform your life. 

What is adaptive yoga?

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Adaptive yoga is a customized yoga program for beginner to intermediate students, focused on physical, mental, and emotional detoxification. You’ll learn about the limiting belief systems that may be affecting your health, then learn how to move through and release these limiting beliefs through yoga postures and breath, freeing you to show up in the world as your best self.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


The time I spent 1 on 1 with Amy gave me a way higher level of comfort in a class setting. I have an easier time staying focused on my own body and knowing exactly where it's limitations are so I can accommodate my own unique form."

Dante M - Namataste nutrition client
Dante M.

    I’m currently not accepting new in-person private or corporate yoga clients. I am available for virtual classes only.

    My approach is simple

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    As part of your group nutrition coaching, I’ll give you the tools you need to strengthen your mind-body connection and empower you to rely on your intuition—rather than a teacher—to guide your yoga experience. You’ll learn how to make the yoga poses work for your body, not the other way around. 

    How it works

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    Before we get started, I’ll let you know which props—blocks, straps, and therapy balls, etc.—you may need. Once you’re set, we’ll arrange the details of our classes together. I recommend we set up 10-20 classes to start, meeting once or twice per week, as this gives you time to build a consistent practice and feel comfortable with the poses. 

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    About your teacher

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    Amy here! I’ve been practicing yoga for my own health and wellness since 2010. After completing over 700 hours of training, I’m a certified yoga teacher who has taught Hatha Flow, Yin, Vinyasa, and Nidra styles of yoga one-on-one, to groups, and to corporate clients. It brings me joy to know that I’ve helped my students improve their physical and mental health.

    In addition to the yoga component of group nutrition coaching, I provide yoga workshops (minimum length of two hours; you pick the theme or I can) and yoga for your wellness or corporate retreat.

    Amy’s gentle nature organically encourages students to modify their practice to their own individual body. In guiding her students to develop a strong personal practice that is both safe and comfortable, she helps us rediscover our own sense of empowerment and creates a safe space to challenge ourselves - mentally and physically, both on and off the mat.”

    Coralie K.

      Committement issues?

      No problem-o. Practice my recorded classes from the comfort of your home – for free!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes! Yoga is for everybody. The best part about Adaptive Yoga is that it's meant to adapt to the practitioner.

      Great question.

      Yes, and no. This will depend entirely on your injury/medical condition, and any other therapies you may be involved in. 

      Until we chat and I can get a better sense of your needs, this is a tricky one to answer. 

      I encourage you to book a free consultation with me, and we can discuss further. 

      Totes mcgoats! Yoga is going to help you become more flexible, limber, and agile.

      I've worked with clients from all different demographics (everyone from the 20-year-old gymnast, to the 60-year-old man with back pain).  

      Believe me when I say you do not need to be flexible to practice with me.

      *I do have experience in both pre and post natal yoga.

      Before I say yes or no to this, let's hop on a discovery call. 

      Every pregnancy is unique, and will require unique attention. 

      I would recommend talking with your physician before getting on a discovery call with me.

      The yoga props aren't always necessary, though they can make your practice a lot more comfortable. 

      I am happy to give you a free, virtual assessment if you're curious. Book with the link below.